John George Larson Artist Statement

I make sculptures, paintings, photos, drawings and functional objects. My ceramic

sculptures are an investigation into representations of environmental balance and

depictions of ideas that can only be realized in sculpture. I am motivated by the

limitations of native clays, the demanding wood fire process and by the necessity to

communicate clearly.

John Larson is an artist who lives and works in rural southwest Minnesota. He creates

tableware from indigenous materials as well as ceramic sculpture.

John began his journey in ceramics at the age of fourteen. He built several small wood

kilns in order to understand wood combustion and ceramic chemistry. In the summer of

2007 he worked as a summer assistant at the St. John’s Pottery. He attended Utah State

University to pursue wood-firing. He has travelled and lived in Korea where he assisted

Onngi potter Oh Hyang Jong. He presented at the 2nd European Woodfire Conference at

Guldagergaard in Skælskør, Denmark and at the 16th Kohila Woodfire residency in

Kohila, Estonia. He maintains a ceramic studio and wood kiln sanctuary in Milan,

Minnesota. John is currently studying at the University of MN in Morris, MN.

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